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I Hate Clutter!

I Hate Clutter!

Hello?! Does anyone else see this or is it just me?  New stuff from the holidays and old stuff from 10 years ago have just gotten on my last nerve. Shoes on the steps, wrapping paper in the laundry room and endless piles of junk mail sitting on the counter staring me in the face. I can’t answer the phone without knocking over five magazines. Enough is Enough.

We’re done here and it started on Saturday morning. All of our weekend plans were immediately cancelled and my family was quickly warned to stay out of my way because our household was now under attack.  It was on!

So the remainder of my cold and rainy weekend was spent digging in the attic, stripping down the kids closets and stumbling over boxes of basically old, in my way “why do we still have this” crap. After several discussions and arguments about who needs what and where this goes, I was filled with enough anxiety to stop in my tracks and make an immediate plan to Clean Up & Clean Out! Mr. Jones quickly caught wind of my raging demands and was mysteriously MIA for about two hours, but nonetheless, I started to make my move, alone.

I got completely dressed in my battle gear: leggings, old sneaks & tee with a messy bun, ready to go all in. Once I entered each space there’s was no turning back. The mission on clutter had taken over and I chose as always to begin my seek and destroy approach in the attic, trickling down to the closets and finishing with our laundry’s- half ass- storage- makeshift closet. I silently peeked in and decided who was going to be donated or destroyed…Sorry guys, but somebody’s gotta go! Clothes, shoes, Halloween costumes, toys, broken hangers and the million and one pieces of school work that is constantly being dragged home every week eventually found their way to a pile as well.

By 5pm, I was overwhelmed, starving and completely out of trash bags. But it’s all good. I found an old Christmas bag filled with gift cards and a lost iphone charger, yesss! And…Got the insane but fabulous idea for a new home project in our family room.

Wait, where’s Mr. Jones?! Come Back…We gotta talk about my plans for next weekend!