Where To Start?

Ok, so it’s been a few days… Let’s play catch up here:

Got a Cleaning Girl, Check.
Got a Cleaning Plan, Check.

Now, Where To Start?

Again, I always ask my clients what are your priorities? So ask yourself, what are mine?
Whether it’s a condo, trailer, townhome or mansion…girl’s gotta start somewhere!

I’ve spent a lot of time and money to learn how to be efficient and effective. Our process runs like a machine, most of the time. We cannot stress enough to Always, Always, Always one more time, Always start upstairs and work your way down. Not only does it save your legs but above all, it just makes sense.

Want a quick trick to help get you ahead of the game…whattayaknow, the good ol’ laundry basket! We all have her, need her & love her. So say hello, put her on your hip and get moving!


As you move from room to room, start plucking what doesn’t belong while unloading what does. Sooner or later that mountain of clutter madness will find it’s way home…even if that means the trash! Grab the basket and Go Girl!


Shout Out to MICHELLE HOWARD…. 1st ever Female 4 Star NAVY ADMIRAL!
Ms. Howard is the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, first female and first African American to become a four star admiral in the Navy’s history…Watch Out Boys!

Happy Veterans Day to all of our Service Men & Women, not just on Veterans Day but Everyday!

Got A Cleaning Plan?

When it comes to cleaning, you always have to find a starting point, make a plan and go for it!

So as a professional cleaner working alongside a team of experts with an enormous amount of clients, Girl’s gotta have a Plan!


#1 Layout of House: Multi-Level, Condo or Ranch
#2 Priorities: What’s Important Today?
#3 Get Started: Caddy, Equipment and a Good Attitude

Whether it’s a 2 story or an Office Space… Always, Always, Always begin your Plan of Attack Upstairs or in the Back of the House working your way forward, downstairs and either towards a basement or exit. Hi-5 for the effort and Good Luck along the way!

What Am I Doing & What Do I Want?

Now that we’ve decided who’s gonna clean the house…which at the end of that day is probably gonna be you, we gotta get over it and get moving.

I always begin by asking my clients: What are your priorities and What are you trying to achieve? So now ask yourself: What the heck am I doing and What do you I want to clean?!

Obviously, we can’t do it all although we really think we can, well I think I can most days of the week, ok maybe one day, alright fine, the third Saturday of the month…happy? Still, there’s a lot of big obstacles that can curtail the ability to really clean a house like hoarding, construction or maybe moving. Now, that’s just a piece of it, a small piece. The cold hard truth is that cleaning a house, really cleaning a house can be a nightmare to the M-I-C, (Mom In Charge). Let’s try cleaning with the phone ringing, a sink full of dishes, folding laundry, a teething baby, he’s missing a shoe, she needs posterboard for her project tomorrow, the dog barging in with wet muddy feet and you just realizing that there’s no milk for your casserole tonight. Dammit, how did I forget the milk again!

Let’s pretend, in a perfect world, that your home is already clean, spotless with sparkling fairy stars following behind your every move. In order to maintain that standard there is a lot of work involved. To begin, the process is simple and effective, and after a few runs at it you’ll have incorporated an efficient cleaning routine for your home and family. Are you ready? Trust and believe, we’re experts, our checklist works!


Clean house




Secret #1

SHHH…. Did you know?

Everyone has a Cleaning Girl. Yes, it’s true. It’s either you or me, your neighbor, your mom, maybe the man in your life or if your lucky, a paid cleaning service. Regardless of who is actually scrubbing that tub…the dirt and germs have moved in and taken your space hostage and it’s up to you, and only you to figure out a way to push them out. Once you’ve decided who’s gonna do it all (again probably you) suck it up, take a deep breath and give yourself a Hi-5 for wanting to keep your house clean!

Now, Listen Up! Not everyone knows how to clean, not even you girlie. There’s a lot that goes into a Cleaning Girl and it’s not just how she folds those sheets! We only work with the best. Each and every girl has to be able to bring it, everyday, in every home!

Check out the inside scoop of what we want and what we look for in our Cleaning Girls. Not only are we super obsessed with attention to detail, power lines, & folded toilet paper but we also want to make money and be home by 4:30. Ok, 5:00!



Who’s Your Cleaning Girl?

Who’s Your Cleaning Girl & What Is She Doing?

Is it you? Is it a neighbor? Is it the girl at the bar? How did you find her?  Do you want to keep her? Do you really know her? Did she come with references and referrals? Is she licensed? Is she insured? Is she bonded? Is she using her own supplies or yours? How much is she charging and Why?

Just a snapshot of what’s involved when you’re ready to hand over that mop.
So we ask… Who’s your cleaning girl and what is she doing?

Trick or Treat: Get That Chocolate Off My Couch!


Halloween is filled with decorations, kids and of course, CANDY! It’s a super fun time of the year that you can’t help but enjoy. Let’s face it…whether you like it or not 10/31 never gets old. Year after year my kids, neices and nephews run through our home counting down the sun anxiously waiting by the door to go out…kind of like dogs now that I think about it! Once again, we follow their lead like soldiers into the night and begin our exhausting journey…up the street, around the block and through the neighborhood just so I can end up holding three heavy bags by the end of it all. I could’ve sworn I clocked out of work at 5?!

After checking for crazy contraptions inside my kid’s treats I quickly run to corral the madness of the extensive, ridiculous, no need pile of cavities that have now been dumped and dispersed upon my living room floor. And without fail, there’s always one kiddo that didn’t get the memo and rips open the wrapper, shoving the chocolate evidence into their mouth only to have it fall out and land on my couch! Wait. What just happened here? All of a sudden the witch-ness takes over me and silence hits the room. I take a deep breath and slap on a half ass smile. I will pretend that it’s ok and walk away to grab a wet rag when all I really want to do is scream my head off and throw the damn candy out the door…who’s kid is this anyway?!


Carefully scrape off as much of the chocolate as possible without grinding the stain deeper into the fabric. Apply stain remover and wash. Wash again if necessary with fabric- or color-safe bleach.

Cleaning 101

Clean: The Absence of dirt, grease, and unwanted matter.
Cleaning: The process of removing dirt, grease, and unwanted matter.
Cleaning Girl: The smart, strong, and savvy female who fearlessly accepts the daily challenge of dirt, disorganization, and absolute chaos, while mastering the balancing act of family, paying the bills, and lovin’ everything clean!