Did You Wash Your Hands Today?!

Well we did…all day long! We spent our Monday out & about in the community today performing demonstrations on how to properly Wash Your Hands! Yes it was dirty. Yes it was wet. And man, it was cold.  But we bundled up and got busy.  We bombarded the Fire Company, the Auto Repair Shop and even the Pepsi lady stocking shelves at Acme.  Hey, there’s no discrimination in Hand Washing…if you’re dirty it’s time to get clean!



Happy Hand Washing Week!

National Hand Washing Week is here and we’re celebrating all week long!

TCGINC-Handprint border

Think again about how many times your touching this and that, especially at work and during the holiday hustle. Not to mention the door handles, remote controls and car keys. Yeah, it’s a dirty world in here and out there but it’s your job to stay clean!

Here’s our  “FAV 5 TIPS ” on Washing those Hands:

1. WET with hot water
2. LATHER with soap
3. SCRUB for 20 seconds
4. RINSE with clean water
5. DRY with paper towel or air dry


Before eating lunch, especially at work
New Baby…get in there and WASH those HANDS
Taking medicine, treating cuts or sores
Cough/Sneeze into your hand, use your elbow
Handling Raw Meat and Poultry while cooking
Touching animals, yes your animals
After smoking, of course

Relax on the Hand Sanitizer too. It works but remember, it’s not soap.

Want to do more…Join our mission in “Keeping Kids Klean!” Check out our videos and share your story. What are you doing to Keep your Kids Klean?

Hands Off!

So now that the wild grocery chase is over and the not so savvy sales have died down, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the few things that absolutely annoyed me during the holiday weekend runaround.

#1.GLASS DOORS: Ever paid attention to the amount of fingertips, palms and hands that constantly touch those glass doors leading you in/out of the stores? Look closer, they are absolutely covered in handprints. One right after the other. And guess who gets the glamorous job of wiping them clean, every hour on the hour…yup, The Cleaning Girl!

Next Stop, Use the Handle, Not the Door!

#2.OVERSTUFFED TRASHCANS: In case no one got the memo…when a trash can looks full, It’s Full! There is no need in trying to stuff your cup or paper plate on the sides wishing to magically make room because you don’t feel like walking to the next one. Ever tried to lift that trash bag that’s already overflowing? Yeah…it’s not exactly the easiest thing plus it’s heavy, wet and gross.

So next time…save The Cleaning Girl some struggle and go to the Next Can Please!

#3.OMG LADIES ROOM: Ok, this is where I take the gloves off and literally want to smack somebody!
What’s with the funky ladies bathroom and ladies, all of a sudden, not knowing how and where to put things when they’re finished using this area. I mean, COME ON! There is toilet paper everywhere, on the floor, on the seat and in the sink. Spots all over the mirror. The toilets aren’t flushed. The seats are wet. And let’s just forget about using the paper bag or metal bin for monthly emergencies…I’m not even going there.

Growing up, the Ladies Room was a sacred place where one could go in private and do her duty in peace, fix that slip and renew that 8am lipstick. Now, I wanna get in and get the hell out! It’s dirty, it smells and it’s nonstop with both traffic and trash.

Now during your next visit to the public throne, look around and think about The Cleaning Girl that’s about to walk in after working 7-8 hours on her feet. I don’t want to clean that mess…WOULD YOU?!

Where To Start?

Ok, so it’s been a few days… Let’s play catch up here:

Got a Cleaning Girl, Check.
Got a Cleaning Plan, Check.

Now, Where To Start?

Again, I always ask my clients what are your priorities? So ask yourself, what are mine?
Whether it’s a condo, trailer, townhome or mansion…girl’s gotta start somewhere!

I’ve spent a lot of time and money to learn how to be efficient and effective. Our process runs like a machine, most of the time. We cannot stress enough to Always, Always, Always one more time, Always start upstairs and work your way down. Not only does it save your legs but above all, it just makes sense.

Want a quick trick to help get you ahead of the game…whattayaknow, the good ol’ laundry basket! We all have her, need her & love her. So say hello, put her on your hip and get moving!


As you move from room to room, start plucking what doesn’t belong while unloading what does. Sooner or later that mountain of clutter madness will find it’s way home…even if that means the trash! Grab the basket and Go Girl!


Shout Out to MICHELLE HOWARD…. 1st ever Female 4 Star NAVY ADMIRAL!
Ms. Howard is the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, first female and first African American to become a four star admiral in the Navy’s history…Watch Out Boys!

Happy Veterans Day to all of our Service Men & Women, not just on Veterans Day but Everyday!

Got A Cleaning Plan?

When it comes to cleaning, you always have to find a starting point, make a plan and go for it!

So as a professional cleaner working alongside a team of experts with an enormous amount of clients, Girl’s gotta have a Plan!


#1 Layout of House: Multi-Level, Condo or Ranch
#2 Priorities: What’s Important Today?
#3 Get Started: Caddy, Equipment and a Good Attitude

Whether it’s a 2 story or an Office Space… Always, Always, Always begin your Plan of Attack Upstairs or in the Back of the House working your way forward, downstairs and either towards a basement or exit. Hi-5 for the effort and Good Luck along the way!

What Am I Doing & What Do I Want?

Now that we’ve decided who’s gonna clean the house…which at the end of that day is probably gonna be you, we gotta get over it and get moving.

I always begin by asking my clients: What are your priorities and What are you trying to achieve? So now ask yourself: What the heck am I doing and What do you I want to clean?!

Obviously, we can’t do it all although we really think we can, well I think I can most days of the week, ok maybe one day, alright fine, the third Saturday of the month…happy? Still, there’s a lot of big obstacles that can curtail the ability to really clean a house like hoarding, construction or maybe moving. Now, that’s just a piece of it, a small piece. The cold hard truth is that cleaning a house, really cleaning a house can be a nightmare to the M-I-C, (Mom In Charge). Let’s try cleaning with the phone ringing, a sink full of dishes, folding laundry, a teething baby, he’s missing a shoe, she needs posterboard for her project tomorrow, the dog barging in with wet muddy feet and you just realizing that there’s no milk for your casserole tonight. Dammit, how did I forget the milk again!

Let’s pretend, in a perfect world, that your home is already clean, spotless with sparkling fairy stars following behind your every move. In order to maintain that standard there is a lot of work involved. To begin, the process is simple and effective, and after a few runs at it you’ll have incorporated an efficient cleaning routine for your home and family. Are you ready? Trust and believe, we’re experts, our checklist works!


Clean house